The Basics of Snowboarding

The Basics of Snowboarding

Snowboarding is a thrilling sporting activity. The fun that comes with it is the reason why thousands of people worldwide engage in it the sport. The following discussion is a focus on the basics of snowboarding.

1. Dress appropriately

Wearing the right clothing is important in snowboarding. This is because the cold and the wet environment can be very unhealthy and cause discomfort while sporting. Thermal base layers followed by a jumper should be worn. Putting on the appropriate snowboarding jacket and trousers is advisable Goggles, helmet and gloves are also recommended in order to the resist the cold, wind and the hostile environment. The helmet serves as a protective gear as falling over is expected for beginners. Hitting one’s head can ruin the all experience to which it may lead to concussions, bruises among other fateful events. Other protective gears include wrist guards which prevents injuries such as broke wrists hence wearing them is necessary. Lastly, any beginner should not forget to put on impact shorts. These shorts have a protective padding in the hipbones and the tailbone area which serve as a cushion while snowboarding.  Here is a look at everything you will need.

2. Skating

Learning how to skate and maintaining a balanced stance is a basic step in snowboarding as it allows timely reaction to the change of terrain. Ensuring that the body weight is even on both feet before the slightly bending the ankles, knees and hips is highly recommended. The body should be directly aligned to the snowboard, the arms side by side and the head up. Keenness on the direction being taken is important for safety and smooth snowboarding. When stopped on a flat area, take the back foot out of the bindings and leave the front foot strapped. Confidence and comfort ability will be developed as more practice is put forth.

3. Learn to fall properly

Beginners often have the tendency of falling while snowboarding. This is quite scary at first but the proper fall makes the activity fun. When falling, avoid putting the hands out to break the fall instead the hands should be kept closer to the body and crossed over the chest. The logic behind this is that broken wrists and injuries will be avoided.

4. Follow the powder

Following the powder is a tactful trick. This is advisable for all beginners as the powder necessitates weightless curves while turning the gullies into mile-long half pipes. This is really fun especially if one intends to avoid the ice.

5. Watch out on the piste symbols

Beginners should be keen to look out on symbols as to whether the slopes are suitable for them or not. Green slopes which are generally flat are the most suitable for beginners. The blue slopes are slightly steeper while the red slopes are quite steep and the hardest bumpy slopes are the black slopes.

6. Practice

Transitions, weight shifts, confidence and developing a perfect sportsman will only be achieved through practice. Learning how to flex and maintaining the balanced will be perfected overtime.

Snowboarding is meant to be fun so all beginners should make sure to follow the above guidelines and make sure to enjoy the activity. It is also important to take snowboarding lessons in order to perfect the trick and cub any fears expected.

4 Reasons to try Cross-Country Skiing this Winter

4 Reasons to try Cross-Country Skiing this Winter

Winter is probably the most boring season of the year of all the four seasons, the biting cold and snow slows down a lot of things. However there are a lot of activities one can take part in and enjoy themselves , cross country skiing is one of the fun activities you can take part in, bellow are some good reasons why you should try out cross country skiing this winter.

1. Its a good bonding activity

During the winter people are less active and they tend to stay in doors more to escape the cold. In order to break the monotony cross country skiing is a good option for you and your family or friends to bond as you ski through the snow and the woods.
This gives you the opportunity to catch up on how the year has been. Unlike other snow sports cross country skiing is relatively easy and a calm activity that people can take part in as a group.

2. It’s a good way to blow off some steam

Going out for a cross country skiing expedition is a very relaxing experience whether you are alone or with someone. It is also a good way to exercise during the winter period helping to keep you in shape and burning calories keeping you healthy as you enjoy yourself at the same time.

3. It is less expensive

Cross country skiing is less demanding and require less cash for the whole expedition, it is rare for people to pay in order to take part in a cross country skiing expedition. Unlike other snow sports which require some good amount of cash, special equipment and skills, cross country skiing only requires cross country skis, poles and boots. If you don’t have these equipments you can rent them or buy second hand ones online at a fair price.

4. It is an open activity and any one can participate

Cross country skiing requires no experience and any one who is interested can take part, further more cross country skiing is a less dangerous activity and chances of injuries occurring are very small. Besides very young children any body can ski, pets can also come along too to enjoy the experience.
Cross country skiing is a good activity to participate in during the winter to pass time and have a good time at the same time. If you decide to try cross country skiing make you fully know all the trails and routes, if you are alone make sure someone knows where you have gone so that in case of an emergency they will know where to find you finally you should go for the expedition in good weather in order to protect yourself from any accidents.